DUI Bail Bonds in Hamden & New Haven, CT

DUI Bail Bonds in Hamden & New Haven, CT

Don't let a bad decision keep you behind bars

If you have a friend or family member that has been arrested due to a DUI and you need help getting them out then call Gatison Bail Bonds today! After an individual has been booked for a DUI the next logical step is arranging release. Sometimes the authorities will release you under your own recognizance, meaning that the court trusts for the individual to show up for their case on the given date.

For a DUI bail is usually needed in order for the court to financially guarantee that the individual will show up. A DUI Bail Bond is set based on a few items to include:

  • DUI record and driving history
  • The seriousness of DUI offense in the case that others are injured
  • Your ties to the community, employment, and family

A bail bondsman in Hamden and New Haven, CT that you can trust

Not being able to afford your DUI bail bond upfront can be frustrating but a qualified bails bond agent can save the day. At Gatison Bail Bonds we pride ourselves on being available at any time for you and your loved ones.

We are available 24/7 for your DUI bail bond needs to get you back into a safe place and back to your day to day. If you have bond needs just call us today at 203-999-4947.